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Business Technology has indeed moved from the CIO’s office to that of the CEO Something which is beautifully brought out by this book!!!”

Rajnish Virmani, Managing Partner ­

IndiaPositive Momentum Limited

I managed to read this before I go on vacation. It was a time well spent. It has a nice flow and provides a good description of “how we got here” from the very beginning. And with it, it provides the common themes that may not predict the future, but do sketch the lines of how the role of CIO will evolve.”

Frans Jongma,
Master Technologist
NonStop Advanced Technology Center
Hewlett­Packard, The Netherlands

“A must­read for business leaders keen on understanding how to better leverage technology for the benefit of their business.”

Shanmugam Nagappan
Managing Director
Pride Technologies India

We have truly come full circle: an earth that was once believed to be flat is now known to be round, while economies, countries and cultures that were once separate, distinct and individual are now globally accessible and interconnected. Leaders of businesses that want to Succeed in the Flat World need only read Maradi’s new book for directions on how to navigate their path.

Marshall Goldsmith ­ bestselling author of the New York Times .

Whose bestsellers include MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Business Technology (BT) is a powerful game changer that is rapidly flattening the world, thus leading to exciting new ways of global participation and competition. This outstanding book provides compelling articulation of the historical perspective on the evolution of BT, with an insightful guide that is a must read for all those, who want to create new corporate leadership to leverage BT for accelerated growth”.

Dr. R. A. MashelkarNational Research Professor,

Chancellor AcSIR & President, Global Research Alliance

“Realisation of great ideas often dodge great leaders. This book is set to shake them into recognition of the flat world and power of BT. The concept and anecdotes makes it an interesting reading. A must for Start­up’s and business leaders on the rise.”

Sujoy Guha
CriticaLog (I) Pvt. Ltd.

I read with great interest your thoughts on the Ride the Flat world and must confess that it was absolutely amazing to read some great insights, extraordinarily well analyzed reasoning and the establishment of a substantive business case on the way the world has changed for ever. There is no doubt in your espousal of the fact that transformation in a technology driven world that integrates other functional business facets of the organization is the core to the way people (consumers) will interact and benefit from the changes. The aspect of all of this converging to better scale and substantive value creation is absolutely right. there are some fundamental questions you have asked and needs extraordinary research to find some answers.

Dr. G Shermon
Partner ­ Markets ­ KPMG
(Author of books “Competency Based HRM” and “Star Track 100 ­ Talent Management and
Knowledge HRM ­ Strategy ­ Structure Interface”)

“The pace of change today, requires every organisation, big and small, to be nimble footed.Advances in technology have at once been, exhilarating and disconcerting and this book should serve as an invaluable guide to business leaders seeking to navigate the Technology highway.”

TT Srinivasaraghavan
Sundaram Finance

Sanjay tells a great story of the journey from IT to BT in a crisp and narrative style, that keeps you completely engaged. With technology becoming a major business driver, this book makes a strong case for developing business sense amongst technology leaders, and possibly opens up a whole new perspective for IT and MBA education curriculum.

Sangeeta Kulkarni
Co­Founder and CEO
Brickwork India

“Mobility, social media, cloud computing, big data, and more…….. everybody knows that these are all “happening” technology areas. But any technology becomes interesting and relevant to a business only when SOMEONE figures out how that business can actually use it as a gamechanger,to become more profitable, or to even become a leader in its field. Any  IT practitioner who understands technology but wants to have a much better chance of being that SOMEONE simply must read this book!”

Mario Lewis

Getting technology right and getting the right technology will be at the forefront of all enterprises.This book is a must read for all those who need to be accountable for technology.

 Vijaya Deepti P.H
Vice President
TCS Financial Solutions
Tata Consultancy Services Limited

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  1. Read the book in one sitting – great narration and equally good way of exploring a complex topic in easy to go manner. Going through the entire IT to BT evolution chain has been quite exciting to say the least. A good read for technical people to understand their changing role and why it’s important now to get to the business side of technology.

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