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Does BlackBerry need a touch of Steve Jobs?

Just when it seemed it was all over for BlackBerry…BlackBerry seemed to have found a new lease of life in BlackBerry Passport… BlackBerry seemed to have a product on hand to cater to specific needs of corporate users…a need described in an earlier post of this blog at:

The initial production run of 200,000 units have been fully sold and the company is promising to fulfill orders of other soon.

The biggest challenge for a product company that needs to manufacture is to know the magical number of units to make. If it’s a new product the challenge gets even bigger.

When Apple launched iPhone, it was entering a market they had never been to before. Their product was unlike any other existed at that point in time. Steve Jobs made changes to the product with unscratchable glass screen just over a month before the launch, just when Apple was planning to ramp up production. With all these he simply went ahead and bet everything they had. Three months later Apple sold 1 million phones and in a year’s time sold more phones than BlackBerry which had been dominating the market for number of years.

BlackBerry after several failed attempts finally seem to have a good product and its disappointing to see them not making enough to meet the demand. In this ultra-competitive market place for mobile phones I am not sure if customers would just wait around for a product when there are so many other newer sometimes better options. It may be time for BlackBerry John Chen to think more like Steve Jobs in few areas perhaps.