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Are Microsoft days numbered?

YES.  Why?

  1.  The world continues to move rapidly to mobility. Tablet (iPad to be precise) is the disruptive innovation that has kicked PC industry to a corner.
  2. 9 Out of 10 Fortune 500 Companies are Using iPad.
  3. Windows is having no effect on arresting the decline in PC sales. It is said significant number of customers instead of spending money on upgrading their PC’s are buying Tablets and retaining their existing PC.
  4. IBM and Apple have signed an alliance to work together in which IBM will use its knowledge and relationship to take Apple products to the enterprise.
  5. In the past alliances with Apple did not work – that was when Steve Jobs was running things. Tim Cook an ex-IBMer knows and understands what it takes for these alliances to work.
  6. The enterprise, the last and possibly only bastion left of Microsoft would now come under direct attack.
  7. Microsoft continues to struggle. When last does anyone you know bought a Nokia/Microsoft mobile or tablet? Last time I checked Microsoft wrote off nearly $1B to on its tablet Surface.
  8. Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft comes from having delivered a large cloud offering.
  9. Cloud is at the backend of an enterprise, those who own customers are those providing front end (read as mobile devices and apps).
  10. Microsoft should know this as Bill Gates built his empire solely on this as IBM continued to build PC’s he won the war by owning the front end i.e. the operating system.

Finally: Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it – George Santayana

Happy to hear other views.