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Could there be a future for BlackBerry?

Just when it was all over for Black Berry…

“Thank you for flying with us and we look forward to seeing you again! Have a wonderful day”

That seemed like the trigger everyone was waiting for to switch on their mobile phones. I started mine only to realize I had just enough power to last few minutes. I have not yet gotten used to the frequency of charging the phone I migrated to a year ago.

I could not help notice there were quite a few on the plane with two mobile phones. I was surprised to note one of them was mostly a BlackBerry device.

I thought BlackBerry was now almost dead and mostly restricted to developing or low economies where iPhone is affordable. Also corporates rapidly adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies that allows employees chose device of their choice have broken BlackBerry’s hold on corporate users.

I noticed one of them with two phones dialed to a conference call, she used BlackBerry to refer to the number probably from a meeting invite but used iPhone to dial.

That’s when it occurred to me. None of the other smart phone manufacturers have come close to BlackBerry when it comes to battery life. I recall charging my old BlackBerry sometimes once in 2-3 days where as now I have to charge my handset 2-3 times a day.

If only BlackBerry smartly market their phone as the second device mostly for email.

Now with John Chen, the new CEO, an outsider, BlackBerry is becoming an interesting company to watch. His recent moves like outsourcing manufacturing to Foxconn and renewed focus on enterprise are well received by the market pushing the stock by 97 cents on Nasdaq.

Its still a long way to go but…may be just may be the game may not be over for BlackBerry just yet…